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Established in the year 2005, Zener Onenet specializes in satellite – based communication to offer a range of satellite based communication solutions for our valued clients. Over the years, Zener Onenet has been recognized as a “Distribution Partner” of Inmarsat, which is clear witness of our position within the satellite communication business in short time frame. We are proud to remain in the leading position in providing state of the art turnkey satellite communication solutions to our valued clients regardless to the applications may it be land or sea or air. Services provided will be personal and tailored to individual needs. As we embrace new technologies and make the world of global communications accessible to more people we perfect the art of bringing people together.


Zener Onenet’s approach is customer oriented, a concept that has evolved into our strategic marketing plans and activities. All our products and solutions are developed and supplied based on constant flow of inputs and recommendations from the market, with strategic partners being invited to participate in all development stages from concept to implementation.

The Zener Onenet team is highly motivated with world-class professional experts who are focused and committed to customer satisfaction. Our team is trained and experienced in all type of communication platforms decelerating the downtime to a minimum for our customers.

With continual and direct 24X7 customer support, Zener Onenet has ensured that our customer needs and requirements are catered to at any time of the day. All the technological know-how and experience is developed in-house and is used as the basis for our exceptional ability to respond quickly to customers’ requests and demands. We provide comprehensive tailor made mobile satellite solutions complying with the exact needs of the customer applications.

Quality Policy Statement

“Zener Onenet LLC” Quality Policy:
  • Zener Onenet works to understand, meet and exceed the specific needs and expectations of their clients, stakeholders and other interested parties within their extensive portfolio of quality principals.
  • Zener Onenet strives through traditional and electronic means to be in constant and effective contact with principals thus providing timely and efficient service to its clients and partners.
  • Zener Onenet represents many blue-chip principals operating in the marine industry today. The quality of the principal is determined by quality of the product, quality of the service and demand in the local market for the product.
  • Zener Onenet ensures continuous improvement of product lines and services provided through active customer feedback and always in compliance with applicable Rules and Legislations.
  • Zener Onenet shall develop mutually rewarding relationships that are grounded in open, accurate ad timely communications. Teamwork and Mutual Trust will be the route to enhanced productivity and business performance.
  • Zener Onenet shall strive to create outstanding value for its customers and all other business associates such that they regard Zener Onenet as business partners.
  • Zener Onenet is committed to establishing Quality Objectives and continuously reviewing these objectives in order to comply and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


Zener Onenet employs high caliber staffs with strong communication and corporate backgrounds who are adept at understanding clients' requirements from a commercial perspective whilst simultaneously being able to design and deliver solutions with precision and robustness. Teamwork and Mutual Trust will be the route to enhanced productivity and business performance. Furthermore, we will provide our people with the means to personal development through career progression and through training programs. We will listen to their views about the conduct of the business, the organization and our performance in general. They are, consequently, adept leaders and managers with significant industry specific knowledge and commercial experience and entrepreneurial acumen.


Zener Onenet’s success is built on its holistic approach to business and technology challenges. The complementary integration of Local Information, Communications Technology and Customized Solutions, enables Zener Onenet to define a clients' vulnerability, diagnose the appropriate mitigation, develop resilience and deliver solutions at any point within a company's supply chain or within any aspect of their business operation in established, emerging or hostile market locations.