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Accounting Authority

Provision of Accounting Authority Services

The Company under the integrated maritime telecommunications services that offers, it provides Accounting Authority services for the traffic made either via the coastal stations or the satellite land earth stations in E&E systems of Inmarsat (Inmarsat C / mini-C, Fleet 77/55/33).

Onenet as an Accounting Authority under the code CY08 includes in its Portfolio the most important flags.

Registration to the service

Registration to CY08 is simple by signing a private agreement between Zener Onenet and the shipping company. Our Company by signing the contract updates all coastal, satellite stations and the qualified Authorities for the registration of the vessel in CY08.


Point of Service Activation (PSA)

Service activation is the term that defines the formal process of registering a new or modified Inmarsat terminal, also known as a mobile earth station, for service on the Inmarsat network. We operate with code: PSA3101 and can offer the complete range of PSA services, e.g. Activation, Deactivation, Flag and vessel name change, etc.

The user/company needs to complete a service activation form, sign it and send to us. For assistance please download and read the notes for completing the activation forms or contact us.