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Anti Piracy

  • Voice + GPS Safe Room Solution
  • Iridium Satellite Voice-Complete Global Coverage
  • Hidden Solution-Small Profile
  • Simple Installation at ANY distance on the Ship
  • Multiple Phones from One-System
  • Optional Long Life Battery Backup


An industrial PC that meets the extreme demands of the maritime industry even for the most discerning of customers, ENZA features a heavy-duty industrial design and aluminum case with lock-in brackets that allows it to operate under extreme environmental conditions. Further to being fan-less, it is shock and vibration resistant without any moving parts. It is powered by an Intel motherboard, which accommodates all the expansion and connectivity modules, meaning that there is no need for use of third-party drivers. ENZA uses a flash storage (mSATA) disk media, which is even faster and more reliable than the revered SSD disk, and it can accommodate Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, along with boasting seven USB ports, dual screen support (VGA and HDMI), and two COM ports, all of which are integrated with the motherboard. ENZA can be powered with 12V AC or DC, and its consumption is less than 17W when idle.