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Network Management

  • Control Panel : Complete monitoring and control through a customized web-based control panel.
  • Hotspot Management : Manage and control crew, passenger and operational data access by User-based or PIN-code cards.
  • Automation : Control vessels network, firewall, port forwarding etc. anytime anywhere by using two-levels authentication security.
  • Web Compression : Cloud proxy service reducing http data consumption up to 50% including blocking of flash banners and advertisements.
  • Web Filtering : Domain-name filtering divided into categories with a database of over 460 million webpages.
  • Netstats Reporting : Detail monitor of bandwidth consumption (business, crew, VoIP).
  • QoS : EVO² applies a set of fair use policies and traffic prioritization.

Cyber Security

Protection on the Network:

  • We provide secure, fully redundant owned network
  • Anti-spam & anti-malware network protection
  • Centralized Firewalling and Antivirus on Network
  • Automated Systems Back up and recovering capabilities
  • Centralized Intrusion Detection & Prevention Activities (IDS/IPS)
  • DDOS protection
  • Real time analytical Traffic analysis
  • Analytical logging
  • In-depth data & incident analysis contain the following actions and leads to Incident Escalation Processes and Management:
    • Real Time Event Collection
    • Dynamic Malware Analysis
    • Vulnerability Scanning
  • 24/7 SOC (Security Operation Centre) Real Time Network Data Traffic Monitoring and Alerting