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VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) at C-band (worldwide coverage) or Ku-band (local coverage) frequencies. These include integrated solutions that offer to the maritime industry simultaneous voice and data communication, high and guaranteed data transfer speeds (Committed Information Rate), fixed monthly fee regardless of the transferred data volume and low telecommunication costs (VoIP).

Marine vessels that use ZONE robust communications solutions and advanced data technologies enjoy many benefits like increased operational efficiency, superior navigation, fleet status monitoring, improved safety at sea, better connectivity at lower costs and enhanced security for communications, just to name a few. Owners and crews experience higher satisfaction while saving time and money. Our global KU/C band services offer seamless service with 24/7 technical support.

  • High speed data and voice transmission to both fixed and mobile remotes
  • Tailor-made service based on regional, multiregional and global coverage
  • Dedicated, shared and mesh connections
  • Compatibility with various antenna systems (Intellian, Sailor, Orbit, KNS) and main satellite platforms (Idirect, Comtech, Newtec)
  • Consulting services and support to optimize performances and costs

Your favorite contents can be streamed to the ships through the VSAT network and can be enjoyed using a SetTopBox or PC.

Professional custom-configured media server able to deliver movies and music in the highest quality available.